Ring the changes

Written by: Jane


Wedding ring

Wedding ring

What kind of wedding ring will you opt for? There are many opportunities for ‘different styles’ and never has the range been so vast. Will you go for the traditional band of gold or something more unique, for instance basing your wedding ring on one of the styles from the past?

The first wedding rings were found in ancient Egypt where it was viewed as a symbol of eternity and showed the never-ending love between a couple. It was worn on the ring finger of the left hand as this finger was believed to house a vein that went directly to the heart. Later however, wedding rings used to be linked to the exchanging of valuables at the wedding.

There were a variety of historical ring styles ones of which was the ‘Gimmel’ ring that was similar to a puzzle ring consisting of two interlocking bands. The happy couple would each wear one band after their engagement and then at the ceremony and afterwards the wife would wear both rings.

Poesy rings were bands of silver which were inscribed with an expression of love or a poem, whereas wedding thimbles were substituted for both the engagement ring and wedding ring by those in early colonial New England as they shunned jewels. Some women however would remove the tops of the thimbles to make a rings – however this has never been entirely proven.

Puzzle rings were made up of several pieces, which were difficult to put on, the idea being that the husband would know if the wife took her wedding ring off.

In later years, some married couples have opted for matching rings and the trend along the years has changed from yellow gold to white gold or platinum and back again to yellow gold.

Then again, are you someone who would rather not wear a wedding ring? Do let us know.